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Post  Mr. Poajn Rokan on Sun Jan 11, 2009 7:27 pm

Welcome to No Serious Business!! Now, before you start posting like crazy, there ARE a few rules that should be known...

1: NO EMO!!! We're not here to hear about why your soul hurts or anything like that.

2: No Angerthreads! I know that there are some things in life that people get pissed over, but none of that in here, 'kay?

3: No religion/politics discussion! If you're posting about something funny that, say, George Bush did in the Real Life Lulz Forum, then that's okay, but serious politic/religion discussions are NOT allowed. These two topics tend to get people really angry at one another.

4: Just so you know, this forum is very lax on curse word usage. I don't care even if you drop a few F-bombs at times. But people seriously fighting and cursing at one another are sure to be banned.

5: JUST HAVE FUN!! This forum is meant for the lulz, and it should be that way. If you follow these rules, then you'll do fine.

Anyone who breaks any of these rules will be banned for a predetermined amount of time. If you can't learn your lesson, then you'll be Permabanned. Have a Nice Day. =D
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